To support and promote the sport of skydiving by providing Registered Participants of the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association a more direct voice to their national organization.

guiding principles

Facilitate a dialogue on CSPA topics, initiatives and policies.

Offer an alternative form of affiliation with CSPA.

Provide feedback to the CSPA from Registered Participants at CSPA AGM and SGM events.

why join a club?

The short answer: So you have a voice at the CSPA Annual General Meeting.

The long answer: The CSPA Board of Directors are currently elected by the voting members.  The Board is responsible for implementing the policies, procedures and motions that are passed by the members at an AGM.

Let me clear something up from the start, when I refer to “member” I am not referring to you or me!  We, just like most skydivers with a CSPA card are referred to as a “Registered Participant” or RP.  When you pay your annual CSPA fees, you are asked to indicate your affiliation with a current CSPA member (drop zone, club or PSO).  Once affiliated with a member, they then represent you at the CSPA AGM (CSPA PIM3 - Section 2). 

The number of votes a member group has at the AGM directly depends on the number of RP’s they have affiliated with them (CSPA PIM3 - Section 3.14).  The theory here is you will generally affiliate with a member group that represents your values at the CSPA.

When the CSPA has a good mixture of drop zones, clubs and PSO’s (provincial sporting organizations) at the table, a wide variety of interests are being represented.  The net result is hopefully sound policy and governance.

For further details on how CSPA member groups are structured or how the organization is governed, I invite you to review CSPA PIM3: By-Laws.

Why I registered a CSPA club?

I've had the pleasure of attending the past four CSPA annual general meetings.  Although many of the topics and motions discussed may have little impact on the average skydiver, there have been some exceptions.

The most recent AGM in Vancouver made it very apparent that skydivers were not being fairly represented by large member groups. The only means for skydivers to have a voice at the AGM and the affairs of CSPA is to form a club, which requires as few as five Registered Participants. I am forming a club in order to offer a voice for skydivers.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or thoughts you may have!

Blue Skies,


Why Not Join Us?

If you are interested in joining our club, please follow the link below to be forwarded to a simple form that will facilitate your affiliation transfer.  Thank you for adding your voice to the discussion!